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Company News >> What are the materials of the slewing bearing?

1. Inner and outer circle
Slewing bearing ring, that is, the inner and outer rings are generally made of 50Mn steel. 
According to the hardness requirements of users, you can choose normalizing 50Mn or quenching and tempering 50Mn steel. Generally speaking, the quenched and tempered 50Mn steel has higher hardness and wear resistance. Well, the price is slightly more expensive than normalizing 50Mn.
If the user needs higher hardness and wear resistance, 42CrMo steel can be selected, and the cost is higher.
2, rolling body
The rolling elements in the track generally use hardened carbon chromium bearing steel.
3, isolation block
Splicing support spacer, generally selected nylon 1010
4, sealing strip
Sealing strips generally choose oil-resistant rubber MT17/MT22.