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Company News >> What machinery is the slewing bearing (slewing bearing) applied to?

What machinery is the slewing bearing (slewing bearing) applied to?
The slewing bearing is a large-sized bearing that can withstand a large load such as large axial load, radial load and overturning moment, and combines various functions such as support, rotation, transmission and fixing. Under normal circumstances, the slewing bearing itself has mounting holes, lubricating oil and sealing device, which can meet the different needs of various types of mainframes working under various working conditions; on the other hand, the slewing bearing itself has a compact structure and guide rotation. Convenient, easy to install and easy to maintain, it is widely used in large-scale rotary equipment such as lifting and transporting machinery, mining machines, construction machinery, port machinery, wind power, medical equipment, radar and missile launchers.
The slewing bearing can be roughly divided into the following types of structures according to different structural types:
1, four point contact ball slewing bearing
2, double row four point contact ball slewing bearing
3, cross cylindrical roller slewing bearing
4, cross tapered roller slewing bearing
5, three rows of cylindrical roller combination slewing bearing
Rotary slewing bearing use:
1. Trailers: This type of bearing is used in a variety of applications, the most important of which are used in the transportation industry, agricultural trailers, irrigation systems and airport racks. In vehicles, the axial load, radial load and torque of the bearing are transmitted. In other applications, they mostly transmit axial loads. Jinyuan specializes in manufacturing rotary slewing bearings for trailers.
2. Wind power: Wind turbine bearings usually include yaw bearings, pitch bearings, and drive train bearings (spindle and gearbox bearings). Jinyuan provides customers with yaw bearings and pitch bearings. The yaw bearing is installed at the joint of the tower and the cockpit, and the pitch bearing is installed at the joint of the root of each blade and the hub. Each wind turbine uses a set of yaw bearings and three sets of pitch bearings.
3 Solar: Rotating solar panels are a good way to increase energy. Because Jinyuan Bearing has a very compact design, it supplies the largest solar electric field in Europe.
4. Medical equipment; j Jinyuan Bearing developed high-precision, low-noise, high-life, high-reliability series of medical equipment spindle rotary slewing bearings, has been widely used in gamma knives, CT machines, nuclear magnetic resonance machines and other large medical equipment .
5. Robot: Equipment such as industrial robots. The Jinyuan rotary slewing bearing is mounted on the joint of the robot. This structure can achieve incredibly high tight rotation motion.