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Maintained Parts >> How to choose the correct radiator for your digger?

How to choose the correct radiator for your digger?
e radiator is an important part that cools the digger engine. When you need to replace an radiator, it is not very difficult to choose a correct one for your digger
Usually when we sell a radiator, we will provide at least one compatible digger model for the radiator. If the ompatible digger model can match your digger model, then the radiator is very likely to be the correct e for your digger. The next thing you need to do is to verify it.
The way to venify is quite simple. just open your diggers engine cab, find out the radiator. Since the radiator is a large part. You can't miss it. Usually we will provide a chart for the radiator. you can get the measurement of the radiator, the position of inlet and outlet ports from the chart. If your old radiator can match the measurement and the position of inlet and outlet ports. That means the radiator is suitable for your digger.
Radiator for EX60
As the space in the diggers engine cab is quite large, the measurement doesn't need to be matched precisely. for example. your old radiator measurement is 705mm wide x 985mm high ut the measurement on the chart is 700mm wide x 980mm high. the radiator still can b installed and working with your digger. the position of the inlet and outlet port usually is something like left up/right down. you just need to make sure your old radiators inlet and outlet port is left up/ right down then this radiator is ok for your digger. You don't need to know the exact positions of these ports
model is not in our radiator compatible list. You could still possibly find a suitable one for your digger. Because different model diggers could use the same radiator, just like different model diggers could use the same model engine. In this case, write your old radiators measurement and port position down.